Message from the CEO

Masamichi Terabatake

The JT Group has been delivering sustainable profit growth while building a solid business foundation amidst a challenging operating environment. My mission is to extend this trajectory into the future and turn the JT Group into a leading global company.

We continue to face new challenges in our business environment; the pace and scale of change are unprecedented.

In order to overcome these challenges, the JT Group has undergone an organizational transformation that includes initiatives such as globalization and restructuring. These improvements will enable us to become faster at identifying and addressing shifts in the landscape. But there is more to be done, and we remain fully committed to strengthening our capabilities and to further evolving the organization going forward.

It is essential that we align our actions to meet consumer needs. To do that, we think it is important to build upon our current 4S model which affirms our commitment to serve our four valued stakeholder groups; consumers, shareholders, employees and the wider society, with consumers at its core.

We are confident that we can exceed expectations of all stakeholders by carefully considering their respective interests. The 4S model guides our mission to create, develop and nurture our unique brands to win consumer trust, while understanding and respecting the environment, and the diversity of societies and individuals.

Today when discontinuous changes are happening on various scales in nature, society, and individual lives, and the business environment is becoming ever more uncertain and complex, we have drawn up JT Group Purpose to make clear the direction in which the Group must go to continue to exist sustainably. Specifically, ''human enrichment'' was identified as an area demanded by future society, and one where the Group can continue to make the most of our value over the long term. JT Group Purpose is then encapsulated in the phrase, ''Fulfilling Moments, Enriching Life,'' based on our desire to be entrusted with and go on contributing in this area.

The JT Group itself will keep evolving, so that we can continue to earn public trust and contribute in the area of ''human enrichment,'' something that is diverse and changing from one era and one person to the next.

Masamichi Terabatake
President, Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director

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